Self Representation with Legal Coaching

You have the right to represent yourself in court or when dealing with any legal issue. Whether it’s a speeding ticket, a landlord/tenant issue, your divorce, custody of your children, or Capital Murder, you have this right. Whether this is smart or not is another question that should not be overlooked. But sometimes you have no choice: you can’t afford a lawyer. Sometimes it’s a budgeting decision: I have the money, but the cost of the lawyer outweighs the benefits of having a lawyer handle your entire case.

But what if you could represent yourself and have convenient and cost effective access to a lawyer to help you understand the process and what to expect? That’s what having a lawyer coaching you can do for you. The lawyer won’t represent you in court, but it will cost you less than retaining a lawyer to represent you from beginning to end.

The legal coach will guide you through your legal issue. He will offer his or her knowledge, experience and skills to help you assess and diagnose your situation, discuss and develop strategies to address the issues, and offer legal advice towards a solution that meets your needs and goals. The coaching lawyer provides you information, assistance, strategic advice, and practical tips. Legal coaching is a flexible and goal-oriented process that you control.

Choose and talk to your lawyer on how you can help yourself on your own terms with a free 15 minute consultation ($50 value) with no further obligation or credit card needed.