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“I was charged with shoplifting. I have never been in trouble before. What can I expect when I go to court?


My friends and I were out having some drinks when some drunk got mouthy with us. We started arguing and the bartender called the police. We were all charged with disorderly conduct, but we didn’t do anything wrong.


My mom and my dad got into a heated argument. The neighbors called the police and they arrested my dad for Domestic Violence. My mom doesn’t want to press charges, but the police would not listen. I got arrested for Assault, but I was only defending myself.”

A knowledgeable attorney can educate you, coach you through the issues and the system, or draft your documents for you to present to a court. Select an attorney to discuss your needs and decide what if any level of legal services that suits your situation and your budget. (Assault, Domestic Violence, Disorderly Conduct, Theft, Drug Possession)

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