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My landlord refuses to fix the air conditioning, can I break my lease?


My neighbor has falsely accused me of making too much noise. My landlord is now trying to evict me. What can I do to stop it?


I moved out of my old apartment and left it better than when I first rented it, but my landlord won’t return my security deposit.


I just signed a new lease a few months ago, but I just got a good job offer that requires me to move. How can I get out of my lease?


A knowledgeable attorney can help you answer these questions and how to protect your rights as a tenant. Some of these problems you may be able to handle yourself with a little coaching from an attorney at a reasonable costs. Select an attorney to discuss your situation and decide what if any level of legal services that suits your needs and your budget.


(Leases, Security Deposits, Evictions, Rent Escrow)

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