Our Services

Legal Coaching

Your virtual lawyer will help you identify your legal issues and discuss your goals. He or she will guide you through legal issues you will have to address to attain your goals. Your virtual lawyer will offer his or her knowledge, experience and legal skills to help you assess and diagnose the situation, and finally offer suggestions on how to navigate the legalities to reach your goal.

Document Review

Your virtual lawyer will review your documents and help you to understand your rights and obligations created from and the consequences of such documents. 

Document Drafting

Your virtual lawyer will help you draft legal documents such as wills, contracts, and business agreements.

Strategy Development

Your virtual lawyer will help you develop a legal strategy to pursue and attain your goals and solve legal problems. 

Preparation for Court

Your virtual lawyer will advise you on court procedures and courtroom behavior. Your lawyer will role play with you so that you know what you may be walking into when representing yourself. Your virtual lawyer will help you organize discovery materials and preparing exhibits for trial or hearing. 

Legal Research

Your virtual lawyer will research any legal question that you have. 

Limited Appearance in Court

My virtual lawyer may be able to appear on your behalf for a limited purpose. You may find while representing yourself that a situation arises in court that you would prefer to have your lawyer appear with you for that limited situation. If the judge permits, your lawyer will appear and represent you for that limited purpose.